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Registered under section 8 of company laws , Aalekh foundation was incorporated in 2015 as a non profit organization. Aalekh is registered under 80G , CSR as well as Niti Ayog. The organization is working towards causes directed towards Women empowerment , Child education & Welfare, Social Equality and Sustainable developments.

We have an expert team which has come together with years of experience, vision and passion towards working on the goals of the organization. Between us we have our Founder director who has years of experience having handled projects in sustainability like renewable projects in india like waste to energy , solar , hybrid, advising state governments to work on paper less model like that of few Vidhan Sabhas in Indian states like Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Nagaland etc, climate change and drinking water. We have a member who has decades of teaching experience. A banker who has knowledge of banking and women empowerment schemes of government. A lawyer who has understanding of corporate governance , policies and law. A healthcare expert dealing with medical equipment and hospitals.A textile expert working with artisans for handloom in tribal areas of Odisha etc and more …

Some of our programs are as under :

  • We have partnered with some of the industry best to offer specially designed skill development programs for women empowerment , upskilling , self reliance and monetary independence of women.
  • Education programs from primary to higher education
  • Medical health and hygiene awareness and check ups including breast cancer awareness, ovarian cancer prevention and menstrual hygiene
  • Pro bono legal aid for sexual exploitation cases of women and children as well as for legal aid on volunteering basis for under privileged
  • Social awareness campaigns
  • Sustainable projects like tree conservation , renewable energy uses, IT usage to enable preservation of resources , Save the water , plastic alternate technology support
  • Gender and social equality

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