Legal aid is a key element of access to justice. It is also at the heart of equality requirement and of the overarching objective of the 2030 UN agenda: to leave none behind. Accesss go legal aid translates into access to justice for the poor and the disadvantaged. Provided at no cost, it protects those who do not have the means to defend their rights in the criminal justice system: the detained, arrested or imprisoned; those suspected, accused of, or charged with a criminal offence; and victims and witnesses. Legal aid helps these persons navigate the justice system, which can be complicated and overwhelming. It has an impact on families and communities, as it helps to reduce the length of time suspects are held in detention, the number of wrongful convictions, the incidence of bribery and justice mismanagement, and the rates of reoffending and revictimization. in times of crisis , access to legal aid is crucial to protect people’s rights, to help them access essential services and to ensure that States’ enforcement of emergency measures respects international human rights standards

Our program covers

  • Free legal aid assistance for sexually abused victims
  • free legal assistance to child abuse victims
  • legal aid assistance for suspects held wrongfully under underprivileged category
  • legal assistance for senior citizens who have been deprived of shelters

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